Exceed Expectations

One of the best ways to build a following on the Internet, or in a Local Business, is to exceed your followers/customers expectations. 

This is especially true in service business where a certain standard of service has been established.

A restaurant is a great example, we all have a base level of service expectations when we go into a restaurant, depending on its status as a fast-food, lunch or fine dining establishment. When that expectation is exceeded you remember and are likely to mention the experience to your friends and family.

In the online world, it is a bit more complicated, as you can not reach out and interact with the individual in real time, except on video or live chat. Instead, what you can do is provide value that exceeds what your competitors are providing.

A rich environment of content, tips, images, and stories will show that you are willing to go the extra mile!

Making your followers/customers feel special, and providing tips or content that will make their lives easier, will result in a dedicated customer base. 

Do something unexpected, beyond what all your competitors are doing.

Here are some suggestions to consider –

  • Each day post a quick video tip on a topic related to your niche
  • Invite key customer/followers to participate in a live video chat … most entrepreneurs will jump at the chance to reach out to your audience
  • Host a webinar and invite topic experts in your niche to participate, offer it as a live and subsequently as a recorded session for people to watch
  • Ask key customers/followers to submit content which you can publish on your blog
  • Be sure to offer a Question and Answer page … these pages can be very helpful to your customers and when indexed can provide additional traffic to your site
  • Be sure content is relevant and current … old, outdated topics will be unlikely to draw new followers.
  • In the service or educational sectors, offer an abbreviated version of value, to entice people to sign up for the course or buy your product
  • Always provide an easy way for people to leave feedback
  • Always respond to those who leave a comment and thank them for sharing their thought with you
  • Be kind to everyone who visits your site
  • Offer a free download, such as a PDF which summarizes your services, products or provides key information not readily available elsewhere

When you exceed expectations, you will stand out from your competitors.

Always do more, and do it better, than your competitors and find creative ways to make your clients feel special or to make their lives easier.

Visit the websites of your key competitors, use their good ideas to set the base level and then make it better! There is always a way to improve on everything, be a leader and trend setter rather than a follower.

Be creative and excited and exciting in your approach.

If the customer leaves your site feeling good, they will share that feeling with others … comments like “Amazing service and products” or “Exceeded all expectations … highly recommended” will become the norm!

People like other people’s endorsement … word of mouth (or text) recommendations are your best friend!

Don’t be shy or holdback … the world is your stage … go out and conquer it!

“Awaken Your Potential”


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